About Salba chia

White Chia has evolved.

Salba chia, a seed native to South America, was discovered by 20 years of selective breeding of wild chia seeds.It is the only Chia seeds in the world that have plant variety registration due to the consistency of the nutrients and essential fatty acid.Salba chia has been grown under strict controlled conditions from planting to harvest.Compared to the general Chia seeds, Salba chia has higher average nutritional value and consistency, so Salba chia has been the choice for the people who are interested in health.

Salba chia contains a variety of essential nutrients such protein, dietary fiber and Omega3 fatty acids.
Salba chia has been researched.Professor Vladimir Vuksan at the University of Toronto has focused on the various potentials of Salba chia.The Salba chia research has been recognized worldwide to help with type 2 diabetes mellitus and high blood pressure.Salba chia which has published their clinical data, is the only chia seed in the world to have positive published research.


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